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FamilySearch Launches New App Gallery Twitter Facebook Print E-mail
Written by Sharon Howell   
Tuesday, 24 February 2015 recently launched an online gallery of links to collect services and apps that enrich patron experiences with family history. Go to with your PC, Mac, or handheld device, and in a few clicks connect to a variety of family history resources.

On the landing page use two drop-down menus to narrow your selection to a specific need, platform, or operating system. The site features software downloads, mobile apps, collaboration tools, and family tree analyzers. There are 69 different offerings and many are entirely free, or offer free trial subscriptions before purchase. The links also say which are available in Family History Centers.

This is a sample of the free resources in the FamilySearch App Gallery:

  • Legacy Stories Living History Library – a free online living history library of life stories, learning, recording, and sharing
  • BillionGraves – a respository of records found in cemeteries throughout the world
  • Ancestral Quest Basics – software for creating a local source for your family tree data. Use to export data for sharing.
  • AllMyCousins – an app that connects to your family tree on FamilySearch to see your relatives at a glance in an easy-to-read diagram. Use the index to all relatives that share certain characteristics.
  • FindARecord – a web tool to analyze Family Tree data to find missing information, unattached sources, and incompatible data.
  • GeniusTree – an app to see a single generation without moving up or down your tree, find duplicates, and create a dynamic graphical trees to show how often names appear in your tree.

If you connect to a resource and it needs to access your family tree, you will be prompted to log into with your LDS Account information. The software will scan through your records and return data presented in interesting ways. When you click on the link, each partner resource has a detailed description of what it does, its family search compatibility, and any other prerequisites. You will probably find many to your liking, so bookmark the site to return to it again and again. Take time to write a review when you use a resource and share your experiences with other gallery patrons.



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