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What's in the New Mormon Channel for You? Twitter Facebook Print E-mail
Written by Sharon Howell   
Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Mormon Channel recently rolled out updates to its website and mobile apps with a #WhereIAm campaign on social media. The campaign brings new emphasis to the way Mormon Channel goes everywhere you go, and delivers uplifting content wherever you are. Heidi Green, a producer for Mormon Channel, explained, “Mormon Channel’s objective is to deliver content to help our audience in every aspect of their lives— socially, emotionally, and spiritually; and with the app and website our media can be with them everywhere.”

So what’s in the new Mormon Channel for you?

The website has a more open visual design, wider spaced menus, and intuitive groupings. There are thousands of videos, audio files, and archived feature programs to choose from. Search and sorting features help you find items quickly. Live streams for music and talk radio entertain 24/7. Featured programming is relatable, sharable, and continually refreshed.


Rob Boshard, manager for Mormon Channel, shared the goals for the website: “We are trying to bring inspiration, hope, and help which together bring joy in living the gospel, and for those who consume media we are trying to provide content in a non-judgmental way.” He and others watch performance metrics to see how people are accepting content, so programming stays fresh and vibrant.

Mormon Channel blog is a great source for content. In the blog archive, many articles have videos embedded, with additional links to external sources. The archived posts are organized by date in a table of contents and integrated into the site’s search functionality. Transcripts and details have been added throughout the blog and website for you to read when viewing or listening are not possible.


The mobile apps are clean and uncluttered. Download from a wide variety of media selections, and once on your mobile device take your media with you everywhere. Power up and stream audio into the sound system in your car for your commute, or plug in your ear buds and listen while you exercise. If you struggle to find time to read the scriptures, leader messages, and Church magazines, use the app to listen to narrated media while you work or share the content with someone who has low vision. Connect to an Internet TV and use children’s videos to set a peaceful tone in your home. Mormon Channel Kids app will entertain curious minds and busy fingers while reinforcing positive values. Children can read or listen to a narrator and interact with the stories that are featured monthly.


You will notice social links from whatever media platform is convenient for you. The social media campaign follows a fill-in-the blank approach: “Mormon Channel helps me find______#WhereIAm.” As a consumer of media, consider how the content helps you respond to a challenge, gather courage to make a decision, set a new priority, or find peace and direction in your life. Take that thought to social media and share it. Include a photo showing where you are. As you share “likes” and reposts, good, wholesome, uplifting messages will be picked up by other people who will relate to what touches your heart.



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