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7 Tips for LDS Members Using Social Media in Church Callings Twitter Facebook Print E-mail
Written by Sharon Howell   
Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Chances are pretty good you have social outlets on the web to connect with friends and family. Maybe you use the Internet to communicate with members or do missionary work. You may not realize that what you post, share, or display on the web in any form says a lot about you, and a lot more about the Church you represent, so a periodic assessment of your web presence is timely and appropriate.

7 Tips for LDS Members Using Social Media in Church Callings - YouTube cleverly displays what you need to know. Collectively the seven tips serve as a checklist for anyone using the Internet to spread the gospel message.

Here are the tips distilled into a short list:

1)      Always get Priesthood approval before you create any website, blog, or social media outlet related to your calling.

2)      Pick a platform that is appropriate for your stake or auxiliary.

3)      Do not use or imitate the official Church logo in any way.

4)      Your site or blog profile should not be the official name of your church unit. Add “News” or “Friends” to the name and add disclaimer informing visitors that your site is “Not an official page of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.”

5)      Always respect intellectual property and copyright laws. Only post what you have permission to share.

6)      Make sure you have proper consent before sharing anyone’s personal photos or stories.

7)      Actively monitor content on your page.

These ideas are not complicated or difficult to implement – you may be doing them already. Forms for permissions, examples of appropriate uses, and the rationale behind the guidelines are available at by searching for “Internet usage helps for members” or by following the link below:



# John M. Shaw 2015-05-14 08:23
I would add #8, but I'd put it in the 1-3 range. Never use this as the ONLY means for getting a message out. There will always be members who choose not to be on social media - respect their decisions enough to make sure they hear about items in other ways, email, texts, phone calls, etc.. Social Media should never EXCLUDE you from activities related to ward/stake functions, only supplement them.
# Sharon Leslie Howell 2015-05-15 12:47
John, Thank you for calling attention to personal contact. Member interactions are an important key to establishing relationships of trust and concern that speak to the heart of the gospel and make sure everyone's needs are met.

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