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The Beauty of the Gospel Shines in Country Communication Pages Twitter Facebook Print E-mail
Written by Sharon Howell   
Thursday, 09 July 2015

The beauty of the gospel as expressed in the lives of Latter-day Saints shines through the languages, cultures, and customs of Church members worldwide.  It is “richness” you can experience first hand by visiting Country Communication Pages.

Country websites have been around and evolving for a while in many parts of the world. In 2013, country communication pages were approved and directed to be supervised by area presidencies.  Recent integration with navigation and web design provide enhanced, enlarged, and better communication pages so that people all over the world may benefit.

To access any of the fifty and growing number of country communication pages available, go to, and use the globe icon in the upper right to select a country, and then drill down by region to a specific country using the world map as your guide.

Communication pages have a similar look and feel as and links within the pages will take you seamlessly to resources on,,, and other Church sites using the language native to the country. This linking is an essential benefit to make them more visible and easy to use for a worldwide audience. When it comes to content, messages from leaders, personal stories, media, and news are specific to the country selected.  Essentially all is done locally, and not by Church headquarters, to empower countries to communicate, train, minister, and teach in a way that meets the needs of the people who will benefit and that includes both members and non-members.

To give structure and focus across all communication channels, each area has an Area Communication Committee working under the direction of the Area Presidency. It consists of individuals who gather or create content from multiple sources, and work together to ensure doctrinal consistency and approval processes are met by contributors.  The committee has several functions including communication pages, social media, public affairs, publishing services, and content planning and production.

Note that communication pages do not duplicate content on and are carefully targeted at countries and languages, so people hear gospel messages in the context of culture and customs they will recognize. Occasionally content is shared between countries, but each is encouraged to be unique pages and portals to all the Church has to offer for the population they represent.   You will find the country pages vary significantly, yet are unified in many respects.  Featured information is included for those who are curious about the Church, interested in learning more about Jesus Christ, and as a whole they serve to strengthen membership and discipleship.

If you have traveled or lived outside your native country, thought about brushing up on your language skills, or just want to enlarge your perspective of the Church in all its variety, communication pages offer priceless enrichment opportunities.  If a language is a problem, Internet browsers, such as Chrome, have settings that will translate web pages into a language familiar to you.  You need only set the languages you want to be available in your browser settings, find the web page, select the language, and wait a few seconds for your browser to render the web page.  You will notice some syntax differences, but the Spirit behind the messages will shine through.



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