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Scripture Mastery and Gospel Library Come Together in Recent Updates Twitter Facebook Print E-mail
Written by Sharon Howell   
Friday, 11 September 2015

Developers have made it easier than ever to study and learn the 100 seminary scripture mastery passages, the Articles of Faith, and other gospel content. The newest update to the Scripture Mastery mobile apps make this possible by allowing users to select any content in Gospel Library app and post it to the Scripture Mastery App for review and memorization.

This new upgrade is in English, but it is anticipated that the Scripture Mastery App  will soon be available in 10 languages. With content in Gospel Library app in over a hundred languages, you can still import passages in a different language and use self-created hints and other app features.

Importing content is fairly simple, but you’ll need to know a few things about the process that are not in any onboard help files:

  1. Download and Install the Gospel Library and Scripture Mastery apps on your mobile device.
  2. Open the Gospel Library and select text from any of the available content.
  3. Highlight the text that you want to refer to or memorize.
  4. Click the “share” icon in iOS or the menu option for Android to post the selected text into Scripture Mastery Application.
  5. Edit or add a title for your source text and a short phrase or hint as a reminder for the Flashcard activity.
  6. Click “Save”.
  7. Open the Scripture Mastery Application.
  8. Go to the settings menu by selecting the Gear Icon.
  9. Select “My Scriptures” as your source for the activities and close the settings section to reveal the Scripture Mastery Activities.
  10. Try any of the activities with your personalized “My Scriptures” content.

Once your content is imported, functionality within Scripture Mastery offers three activities to help you learn and remember scriptures and selected passages, and a fourth option is a storage location for quiz scores and a placeholder for future enhancements to Scripture Mastery. If you have a suggestion that might make the app more interesting, fun, or game worthy, post it to the Forum at LDSTech with other similar conversations about LDS mobile apps.

The activities are built into the 4-tiled landing page and are fairly self-explanatory.

Flashcards, for instance, helps you connect a source, including those you have imported and identified, with a hint or phrase of your choosing. You can pair the source or title with the phrase you set as your hint or the entire passage when you turn the flash card. In iOS, pick “phrase” or “verse” in the bottom right. In Android you pick “phrase” or “verse” from a menu in the title bar after you pick a set of flash cards.

Flashcards are grouped into sets so you may have more people using the app together or to divide your study into small or large chunks.

If you change your mind, you can delete entries from your “My Scriptures” content or edit the sources or hints you provided in the beginning right inside the app in the settings menu under “My Scriptures”.

Memorize is an activity that is most helpful with quotations. As you review a passage, you can use the slider bar to slowly remove letters or entire words until you can rely on your memory to fill in the gaps. Using the “Aa” symbol in the lower left switches between removing a whole word or all but the first letter of a word, subtracting more and more words as the slider moves from right to left.

Richard G. Scott has said during his April 2013 conference address that if members would memorize scriptures as much as they text, they would be able to remember hundreds of scriptures which “would prove to be a powerful source of inspiration and guidance by the Holy Ghost in times of need.” The ability to recall scriptures at a moment’s notice is great preparation for missionary service and for leadership callings.

Primary age children can use the app to memorize the Articles of Faith; and matching scriptures with related references can be a great family night activity when projected using AirPlay from an iPad or iPhone to an Apple TV. Android depends upon the apps themselves to build in screen mirroring or “Miracast” into them, which is not yet available in Scripture Mastery for Android.

Quiz is an activity that involves matching a phrase (hint) to a reference source or title. The app provides you with a hint phrase and then gives you options to choose from. If you have selected “My Scriptures” as the source for your quiz questions, the app will take a phrase and pick four sources from your personal content at random and let you choose the correct one. At the end your score is calculated based on the ratio of correct responses to total number of questions asked. If you choose the correct response, your choice will light up green. If you pick incorrectly your response is red and the correct response becomes green. A “Next” button in the lower right advances to the next question. When you finish you have the option of posting your score with a name on the quiz scores screen or cancelling and returning to the landing page.

If you are not a mobile user, the Scripture Mastery activities using the standard scripture quotes are available online at Parents and teachers might explore how they can use the “Locate”, “Memorize” and “Apply” activities in classrooms and group activities.

Scripture Mastery is not just for seminary students and offers many possibilities for anyone looking to master the scriptures and selected passages.

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