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The 2015 Gospel App & Game Contest: Get Ready for the People's Choice Twitter Facebook Print E-mail
Written by Sharon Howell   
Monday, 21 September 2015

**The Contest is now over, but here are some great tips on judging apps.**

Submissions are in for the Gospel App & Game Contest.  Would you recognize the qualities of a great app? If you had the chance to judge a contest, which apps would you say best followed the theme “Create Something Worthy? Sharpen your skills, because such a chance is available. Go to the online gallery and sample the apps and games submitted for judging and cast a ballot for the best app overall. Starting on October 1st, and open through October 8th, you can vote online for up to three apps.

Contest winners and the People’s Choice Award will be announced at the 2015 LDSTech Conference on October 15.

Will you recognize the best app or game? Do you know what criteria the formal judges will be using when they make their selections? Perhaps you’d like some basic criteria that will help you in your role of “virtual judge.” Here are some cues:

Great apps/games have a worthy purpose.

  • Does the app/game fulfill the stated purpose?
  • Does it help the audience stay connected to the gospel?
  • Is it age appropriate for the intended audience?
  • Does it reinforce worthwhile values?

Great apps/games have an appealing presentation

  • Does the app/game fit the screen size well?
  • Are directions and visual cues easy to follow and understand?
  • Is navigation intuitive for the platform?
  • Is the text quality and size easy to read?
  • Do graphics add to the overall presentation?

Great apps/games have precision in their execution

  • Does the app or game run smoothly?
  • Is it without obvious bugs or lock-ups?
  • Is spelling and grammar correct?
  • Does it allow for repeated and extended use?

How exciting, interesting, or worthwhile is it?Great apps/games invite continual interest or passion

  • Would you recommend it to someone else?

Great apps/games have possibilities

  • Does the app/game have variable levels of difficulty or complexity?
  • Can it be used by more than one person?
  • Does it maintain extended interest with repeated use?

Chances are the apps or games that you enjoy cover many if not most of the above requirements. However, there is more to consider.

Games that are really good for children help them explore, learn new skills, and understand concepts they can relate to. Games that stimulate good hand-eye coordination, challenge memory, teach problem-solving, planning, and self-expression while promoting healthy competition would always be preferable to those that are passive and insular.

Often there is a social aspect to gaming among adolescents and young adults. They may they get together with their digital devices and interact while playing the same game separately in the same location. Games that are non-violent, engaging, and that keep the participant on “edge” of the learning curve (not too difficult but still challenging) will hold attention and invite repeated use.

Apps for grown-ups that satisfy a need and combine several things you would do routinely together into the same app, such as make lists, schedule, and send reminders, are often ones that become trusted favorites. They do not take up valuable space on small screen devices and will likely be on ones you add to your home screen. Apps that allow you to integrate tasks you would do if you only had time or that fit into the small spaces in your life when you are otherwise kept waiting will help you accomplish more without noticeable effort.

Church leaders encourage technology use with appropriate balance and discretion. LDSTech is promoting the contest so that you will have many “worthy” choices. Learning to recognize the best among alternatives is a skill that will serve you well.

Click Here to get started. Online judging closes at midnight on Thursday, October 8, 2015.  The winners will be announced at the LDSTech Conference and online October 15, 2015.



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