The Piano Guys Have a Message to Share Print
Written by Sharon Howell   
Friday, 13 November 2015

Did you happen to notice before, during, or after the recent Face to Face event with the Piano Guys that there were more links on for sharing inspiring messages?

Did you know you can download the video of the conversation as an MP4 file from the Media Library and save it to watch again, or share it from your local media player without depending on the Internet?

The Face to Face event with the four talented musicians from the Piano Guys (Jon Schmidt, Steven Sharp Nelson, Paul Anderson, and Al van der Beek) took place on October 20 atop the Conference Center in Salt Lake City. It began and ended with their unique and uplifting music, and in between, they answered questions, shared their faith, and bore testimony of the value of keeping standards, having strong families, and putting the teachings of Jesus Christ first in their lives.

You’ll need to watch the entire conversation to truly absorb the spirit of that inspiring event. If you are viewing the presentation after the fact, or want to see it again with fresh eyes, take a moment to post your reaction by using the “Share your experience” link from the Youth Activities Page viewing screen. It will prompt for your LDS Account login, and a template will open with fields for your location and a brief message. Take time to see what others are saying about their experience during and after the event from diverse places such as China, Zambia, and American Samoa.

One purpose of the event is to help youth understand that they are connected with LDS youth from all around the world as part of a great cause, and comments like yours as well as questions add to that experience. It applies to anyone viewing after the event from anywhere in the world.

If you are into social media, consider using the links for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Pinterest to post to a channel of your choice. Extend the reach of the inspiring message to your friends and in turn their friends as likes and re-posts ripple outward.

The email link on the page will use your locally configured email account and allow you to send a personal message and a link to the online video to someone, or go directly to the Media Library and download the MP4 for later viewing.

Using technology in the many ways possible will add enrichment to your experience and to the lives of people you know.