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LDS Tools Now More Versatile for Members and Leaders Twitter Facebook Print E-mail
Written by Sharon Howell   
Thursday, 03 December 2015

LDS Tools has long been the go-to app for member-to-member contacts, viewing calendar events, and locating meetinghouses. A recent update adds new functionality and features for iOS and Android platforms that make the app even more versatile for members and leaders. This new functionality includes more membership data and more reports from Leader and Clerk Resources (LCR) that let users drill down to specifics and use in-line filters.

Developers are working to create an intuitive experience by taking advantage of platform-specific features and connections to companion apps like LDS Maps that deliver useful information. The value is enhanced when members take time to upload their photos and set visibility settings for the directory to allow other members in their ward and stake to see their contact information.

Currently, with the exception of photos and contact information, data in LDS Tools is read-only, but more functionality and features are planned. For now, the newest features in version 2.5 are welcome and worth exploring.

New Member-related Features

  • Added ability for members to view their own membership, ordinance, and calling data including sustained date and if they have been set apart.

  • Greater ability to crop and adjust photos from within the iOS mobile interface.
  • Easier viewing of meetinghouse locations with a new “List Results” menu, and more robust messaging and sharing ability for Android. Note: The “Tap to Text” icon to the right of phone numbers will now allow you to send a text message from Android.

  • A simplified process for updating an LDS Account password when it is changed in the LDS Account settings online.

New Leader-related Functionality

  • Added home and visiting teaching data and reports with drill down to see 13-month details, and more in-app filtering options.

  • Relabeling of “Callings” menu to “Organizations” with added ability for leaders to see full organizational lists of members as well as use the lists for messaging.
  • Added ability to tap on a category in the “Unit Statistics” report to see details with more options to share or display results on a map.

  • Support for Apple’s Touch ID in place of the passcode and near-field communications (NFC) support for Android users to share custom lists.
  • Added ability to filter the “Birthday List” by organization.
  • Added ability to see contact information for a prior ward bishop on the Members Moved In Report.

Look for continued enhancements to LDS Tools. Take time to view the presentation in the LDSTech 2015 session streams entitled LDS Tools App, What’s New? What’s Next? by Justin Krebs, product manager for LDS Tools. He will give you an overview of version 2.5 and what is planned for version 3.0 due out first quarter of 2016 as well as what other enhancements are being considered for 2016.

If you would like to help with LDS Tools, here are three ways to do so:

  1. Review the 3.0 prototypes and provide feedback by going to:
  2. Sign up to become a beta tester by going to:
  3. Add or update your review in the app store.

In addition, you can always submit feedback and suggestions directly from the app using the “Feedback” option in the “Help” menu.



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