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Are You Receiving “Church News and Updates?” Twitter Facebook Print E-mail
Written by Sharon Howell   
Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Are you receiving “News and Updates” from the Church? If you were on the legacy subscriber list for the LDSTech Newsletter, chances are very good you are receiving the informative emails automatically. If not, you can opt-in through your LDS Account settings any time to begin receiving the emails.

Not sure? To confirm the status of your Church email subscriptions, sign in at and select “Account Settings” under “My Account and Ward.” In the options for “Email Subscriptions” make sure the box is checked for “Church News and Updates.”

Other subscriptions are for emails from the First Presidency and targeted emails related to your callings in Leader and Clerk Resources (LCR). In this same location you can update your email address and choose a preferred language.

“Church News and Updates” is a consolidation of content from many sources. It is presented in a format that is much easier for members to read and contains much useful information about Church news and events, technology updates, and available resources.

The format is designed to be more comprehensive and to reach a wider audience. It is also designed to deliver content with more context and greater frequency than would otherwise be possible.

“News and Updates” emails are localized, so the articles may be tailored to particular audiences. Youth would see what is relevant for them, and different parts of the world will see information both in the language they prefer and with more emphasis on events for their particular locale, such as an announcement for a temple open house or area conference.

You will notice “News and Updates” emails have an option to view them in a web browser, which opens many possibilities for different platforms and screen sizes. Hyperlinks move seamlessly to sources and are sharable using the social media links.

A recent “News and Updates” from December 4, 2015, for instance, allows you to hyperlink from the “Did you know?” feature to the Mormon Channel app on your mobile device or go to online to stream Christmas Music.

The announcement for the 2015 First Presidency Christmas Devotional opens to allow you to view or download the video recording as an MP4 file now that the event has occurred.

If you want to provide feedback or edit any of your LDS Account settings, you may do so from the “News and Updates” email using links provided. You may also unsubscribe from emails, print or view related articles, and stay connected to the Church from all over the globe.



# Imelda Ranches-Nordquist 2016-01-17 04:13

I was just wondering if there's a way that I can download the Gospel library on my
iPad (old version). I used to have it installed until 2013 I believe when it became very glitchy
I deleted it. Since then everytime I try to download it it asks that it needs a higher IOS..
As you know or are aware, older IPads don't update higher IOS :((
I hope you can help me.

thank you,

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