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by espaul
Tue Jan 25, 2011 8:40 pm
Forum: Local Unit Finance
Topic: Tithing envelopes
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I hope you had them check the Bishops name and address. When we changed, it was about 10 days before distribution had the new information. Materials the new Bishop needed now was shipped to the former Bishop and I had to wait two weeks to order new tithing envelopes.
by espaul
Sun Jan 23, 2011 9:54 pm
Forum: General Discussions
Topic: What Satellite issues do you see most often?
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And don't forget "Act of God"

Just for helpful information -

Two inches of ice on the disk, covered with four inches of snow, will kill the First Presidency Christmas broadcast.:(

Thirty minutes with a push broom will bring it back.;)

OP2 Ward Clerk

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