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by kentedman
Tue May 07, 2019 7:45 pm
Forum: MLS Support, Help, and Feedback
Topic: Problem Printing Financial Statement
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Re: Problem Printing Financial Statement

Having the exact same issue, but only for 1 of our printers. We can print to PDF and to other printers in the room, but MLS wont print IROPs or financial statements to the HP laserjet. It's strange the issue is specific to only this printer. Everything else prints to that printer just fine. By the w...
by kentedman
Sat Aug 03, 2013 10:27 pm
Forum: Newsletter
Topic: Stake Leaders need access to view all wards
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Re: Stake Leaders need access to view all wards

They never needed it before, why now? If its really important send it to them by e-mail.
Really? You dont think there would be an advantage to allow a High councillor to view the newsletter for the ward he serves. Or a Stake President to view whats going on in his Stake?
by kentedman
Fri Aug 02, 2013 2:33 pm
Forum: Newsletter
Topic: Stake Leaders need access to view all wards
Replies: 8
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Stake Leaders need access to view all wards

There should be a way to allow Stake Leaders (Stake Presidency and Stake Auxiliary) to view newsletters for "Other" wards in their Stake besides their Home Ward. As it currently stands we can't even share posts and articles about Girls camp with the Stake Young Women's President because sh...
by kentedman
Thu Oct 11, 2012 9:05 pm
Forum: iPhone/iPad Member Tools App
Topic: full name rather than prefered name?
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full name rather than prefered name?

Is there any way to get LDS tools to display a members full official name rather than their "preferred name"? Maybe a title in settings or a field for both. It would be so helpful for leaders to have full names.
by kentedman
Tue May 08, 2012 7:11 pm
Forum: Android Member Tools App
Topic: LDS Tools 2.0 for android ?
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LDS Tools 2.0 for android ?

After absolutely loving the improvements and enhancements made in the iPhone 2.0 app, I'm curious if there is any timeline on when we might see the android app upgraded to 2.0?
by kentedman
Wed Oct 26, 2011 1:24 pm
Forum: Calendar
Topic: Calendar sync with v2
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I synced the new calendar to my Google Calendar successfully back when it was on This morning I subscribed to the calendar now that it is on That also worked just fine. I don't know that I have any great insights to offer. I copied the URL from the Sync page in my new calendar...
by kentedman
Thu Mar 24, 2011 10:24 am
Forum: Android Gospel Library
Topic: Android 3.0 development?
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awesome! so far so good. content is now visible. Thank you!

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