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by wbingham
Sun Sep 20, 2015 8:37 pm
Forum: iPhone/iPad Gospel Library
Topic: iOS 9 and
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Re: iOS 9 and

I'm having the same problem. I can access, but when I am at and try to sign in, I hit the submit button and it goes to Gospel Library and says " Cannot open content. The requested content is not currently available." I've tried clearing the cache and any website data, ...
by wbingham
Sun Oct 28, 2007 9:47 am
Forum: Classic Ward & Stake Sites (LUWS)
Topic: Calendar Frustrations
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Calendar Frustrations

I have to echo the comments about repeating events on the ward calendar. I don't look forward to the end of the year because I know I will be typing things multiple times because the website design can't accomodate exceptions. My favorite interface for calendaring repeating events is the old Softkey...

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