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by jwnice
Sat Jul 08, 2017 8:57 am
Forum: Getting Started for New Clerks
Topic: Clerk training - cheat sheets
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Re: Clerk training - cheat sheets

As a former stake clerk, this was very frustrating. Since I could not access anything in MLS, I told the clerks that they had to call SLC for assistance.
by jwnice
Mon Jan 25, 2016 6:38 pm
Forum: MLS Support, Help, and Feedback
Topic: Out of unit leadership
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Out of unit leadership

We just created a YSA Branch in our stake. When you look at a directory listing, it indicates that the Branch Presidency IS NOT counted for the Quarterly Report. Should they be counted in their "home" wards. They are attending and should be counted someplace. Just want to make sure before ...
by jwnice
Sun May 03, 2015 9:02 am
Forum: Leader and Clerk Resources
Topic: HT/VT reporting on into Quarterly report
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Re: HT/VT reporting on into Quarterly report

They enter in the data that they have by the due date. Then if more data is available, enter it in and resubmit the report. The report that the stake sees has orininall submitted on date and if changed that date now appears as updated on.
by jwnice
Sun Nov 16, 2014 10:32 am
Forum: Local Unit Finance
Topic: Tithing Settlement
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Re: Tithing Settlement

If we go back to the "old days" (Pre-computer), the Tithing forms were printed in triplicate (carbon paper) by SLC and sent to the Wards. Every week you manually entered the donations, both on the typed receipt (3 to a page on NCR paper) and hand entered the donation on the Tithing Report....
by jwnice
Sun Nov 11, 2012 2:33 pm
Forum: Local Unit Finance
Topic: How to pay tithing online?
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Members can set up payment via check with their financial institution. We get several of these every week.
by jwnice
Sun Feb 05, 2012 10:30 am
Forum: Featured Article Discussions
Topic: New post: New Lesson Schedules Application Now in Beta.
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When I looked at it a bit ago, I cold list a class and instructor, but it did not allow me to select a specific lesson from the manual. That would be a great feature!!
by jwnice
Sun Oct 30, 2011 12:29 pm
Forum: Calendar
Topic: Location features missing
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Location features missing

How do were get back the features under "location"? It used to have all of the building in the stake, with all of the rooms that could be scheduled. Now our options are "Other" and the stake building. It no longer shows the other buildings in the stake, and since our ward is not ...
by jwnice
Sun Sep 04, 2011 12:53 pm
Forum: General Clerk Discussions
Topic: How many Hours a week does it take ????
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I have spent over 30 years in the clerk's office and have just "trained" my tenth Bishop. Elder Perry recently said" The three most important callings in the ward (after Bishop) are in this order: Elder's Quorum President, ward clerk, Relief society President. Brethren, learn your job...
by jwnice
Sun Sep 04, 2011 12:43 pm
Forum: General Clerk Discussions
Topic: The Budget and how it is determined
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I take attendance every Sunday and record in an Excel spreadsheet, that calculates the attendance for each month, each quarter and for the year. Those variations are there -- but what I find even more interesting is when the average attendance for Q1 was 150 and for Q2 it was 175, yet our budget all...
by jwnice
Sun May 29, 2011 11:41 am
Forum: Getting Started for New Clerks
Topic: Training
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The best resource is The handbook of Instruction. Look up the responsibilities of the secretary of each organization/quorum (they are almost identical). Go over this with the secretaries and emphasize with the organizational secretaries the need for PROMPT return of roll lists (quarterly report) and...

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