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by rdavies
Thu Apr 01, 2010 11:24 am
Forum: MLS Support, Help, and Feedback
Topic: MLS Date not matching System Date.
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MLS Date not matching System Date.

One of the members of a bishopric called to ask what to do with a message that they must date the check after the May 1, 2010 date of their last check? Tuesday while in MLS they noticed the date had changed to April 30, 2010. System date was correct, March 31, 2010, in Setup and in Windows but not i...
by rdavies
Mon Jul 28, 2008 11:50 pm
Forum: Meetinghouse Internet
Topic: Family History Center Firewall Bypassed
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Yes, I'm sure that will be interesting. I would suspect that many schools filter their connection and as a result there's a sizable pool of students who are skilled at getting around filters. This is what I deal with everyday. I manage a high school system with 850 workstations and almost 3000 user...

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