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by Eric Werny-p40
Tue Sep 04, 2007 11:11 pm
Forum: MLS Support, Help, and Feedback
Topic: Connection Speed
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Connection Speed

Our current modem in our Ward computer is a 33.6k. With the installation of the new version, we have notice that are session times are a lot longer. At times we have waited 20 minutes for data transfers. Any recommendations. Clerk are being forced to save transmissions with the exception of financia...
by Eric Werny-p40
Sat Apr 07, 2007 10:08 am
Forum: MLS Support, Help, and Feedback
Topic: New Move-in Report - issue with lack of content
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Move-in Reports

During our Bishopric meeting I provide the members of the Bishopric a copy of the move-in / move-out list combined on one piece of paper, and enough copies for the leaders of each organization that needs that info. From the I provide the new membership record to the Bishop and allow him to make assi...
by Eric Werny-p40
Sat Apr 07, 2007 9:58 am
Forum: MLS Support, Help, and Feedback
Topic: Sacrament Meeting attendance list
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Counting Bodies

As a Ward Clerk (Former) now membership clerk, I found it rather easy to count the attending members of the Ward and our guests. We manually record the numbers on the back of our weekly program and put it in our Ward history binder. But also I took that data and put it into a simple spreadsheet, for...
by Eric Werny-p40
Wed Feb 14, 2007 9:07 pm
Forum: Main Church Website
Topic: Lds Org Graphics
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Lds Org Graphics

What programs are used to get such high quality icon graphics on the site?
by Eric Werny-p40
Tue Feb 13, 2007 9:46 pm
Forum: MLS Support, Help, and Feedback
Topic: Melchizedek Priesthood Ordination & Certificate
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Stake Responsibity

Your need to have your Bishop bring this up during his PPI with the Stake President, and you need to do a personal follow-up with the Stake Clerk. We had a similar problem here, but didn't have wait quite as long. Since we have three Ward clerks in the same office, we were able to gang up on the sta...
by Eric Werny-p40
Sun Feb 11, 2007 9:42 pm
Forum: Classic Ward & Stake Sites (LUWS)
Topic: Allowing Non-Members to Log-In
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Ward Web Site

The only thing I can see on a Ward Web site that needs password protection is member information. If non-members what to know about a local ward, I think it would be great.

Just password protect the ward list.
by Eric Werny-p40
Thu Feb 08, 2007 9:48 pm
Forum: MLS Support, Help, and Feedback
Topic: Large MLS downloads
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Download Spreeds

Our clerks office houses three wards. We have talked often of purchasing a DSL connection and sharing the costs. But as clerks we know that will never happen. But an advisory of when downloads are going to be made available, and being able to opt out of the download until we have time to baby sit th...
by Eric Werny-p40
Wed Feb 07, 2007 7:12 pm
Forum: MLS Support, Help, and Feedback
Topic: We use MLS Exports for a printed Directory - what do you use them for ?
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Non-Techy Bishop

I have the same problem, my good Bishop is totally non-techy. I love the this guy. It would be nice that you could download or print a real look at a member or family. But as the system stands now, we have to take into account that this is a world wide piece of software, and we have users that are a...

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