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LDS Tools Constant Updating make it useless

Posted: Mon Apr 09, 2018 9:37 am
by iansebryk
Every single time i open LDS Tools, it updates EVERY BLASTED THING downloaded to my library. ALL Ensign issues, ALL Conference talks, ALL Standard Works, ALL Manuals. the Download Manager has 1000+ items! EVERY TIME. which means when i want to quickly find a resource to show someone in answer to a question, i have to sit while this retarded app, with its useless search engine, sits for 2 to 15 minutes updating and updating and updating things that can't possibly need it! WHY does a 1996 Ensign need to be updated??? ever?? and why, for the love of air, can't this be a background process? this is a no-brainer. i've checked permissions: wide open. i've checked mod dates on data files. no changes. i cannot fathom why this needs to happen.

guys, come on! this is our core app and it's hopelessly backwards. forget the pretty UI, get some core functionality back that we had back in version 2 (i'm looking at you Search Engine...). how am i supposed to 'share the gospoel' when i literally CAN'T?

ugh. so irritated.... :evil:

Re: LDS Tools Constant Updating make it useless

Posted: Mon Apr 09, 2018 12:46 pm
by lajackson
iansebryk wrote:Every single time i open LDS Tools, it updates EVERY BLASTED THING downloaded to my library.
I believe you are speaking about Gospel Library, not LDS Tools. It is my understanding that very few people are having the experience you share. I would agree that GL sends updates often, but not every time, and not everything. And there are some updates taking place right now because of the recently completed General Conference and the announcements that were made that weekend.

That said, this is a user-to-user forum and shared experiences are the norm. For a problem such as yours, I would suggest that you send feedback through the app and let the developers examine what is happening with Gospel Library on your device. They have been very good to look at the problems that are reported through feedback. They are usually able to figure out the problem and make changes to fix things.

They also listen to suggestions and implement them when they can.

In the meantime, if your device is having the challenges with Gospel Library that you have mentioned, turning off data and WiFi will allow GL to open immediately with the latest materials that have been downloaded, and there will be no wait at all while it checks for updates.

I wish everything were done in the background as you have suggested. You can force that by going into airplane mode briefly as you start GL. It is a terrible workaround, but it does work until the programmers are able to remember that many of us do not have the lightning fast and great and spacious bandwidth to which they seem to be accustomed.

Re: LDS Tools Constant Updating make it useless

Posted: Tue Apr 10, 2018 7:07 am
by jasonhyer
Lajackson - this is a common experience for Android users. The developers have acknowledged this is a problem and are working on changes for the next versions.

The problem lies in the content database which the app team has no control over. The content database is shared across all platforms including apps and the web and so a content change updates all of these platforms. The problem is that if there is a format change, i.e. font, format, spacing, etc. It usually is applied to the whole content database and in GL Android where the content is downloaded, all of that content has to be updated.

There is hope on the horizon but it isn't here yet. I would suggest that if you have the problem go into the settings and use the feedback option to share the concern.

Re: LDS Tools Constant Updating make it useless

Posted: Tue Apr 10, 2018 12:10 pm
by lajackson
jasonhyer wrote:Lajackson - this is a common experience for Android users.
Fair enough. I use Android and agree that there are a lot of updates. I have decent Internet access at home over WiFi, which makes the annoyance less impactful. And I hope the developers figure out a way to deal with the content challenges that are not theirs.

I do two things every Saturday evening.

First, I start Gospel Library. Because I do it Saturday evening, the first early morning Sunday start, whether in leadership meetings, sacrament meeting, or Sunday School, is rarely painful on the clogged Church network.

Second, I sync LDS Tools. For some reason, sync takes a long time for me, even on my speedy service at home, and is interminable on the clogged WiFi at Church. Having already synced, I have up-to-date access to membership and calendar information on the day I use it most.

Most of my apps update while I sleep and my phone is recharging overnight. It would really be nice if Gospel Library (and LDS Tools) would do the same. I suggest this from time to time through Feedback to each of the two app developer team. I see it as equal opportunity annoying.

Re: LDS Tools Constant Updating make it useless

Posted: Tue Apr 10, 2018 12:48 pm
by jasonhyer
Here is my suggested sequence so you aren't interrupted in church. Open the app and it will usually update the catalogue. I will then either close the app (completely close it in my tabs) and restart it again or swipe down while in content to force a content check. The content check will force the download of all new content.

If only the catalogue gets updated you may be in for a surprise when you open the app the next time as it downloads all updated content.

Many of us are eagerly awaiting a fix from the developers.