2-Way Linking in Gospel Library

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2-Way Linking in Gospel Library

Post by catmulls »

I love the new annotations in the 2.3 release of GLA. I found myself wishing that I could have 2-way links.

This morning I read a conference talk and linked some scriptures to passages in the talk. Then I tested to see if I could go to the scriptures and find the link from the scriptures back to the talk.

I think that makes a compelling use-case where we could start from a scripture and review all of the annotations we have made as we have read other material.

Am I just missing how to do that or is that functionality not yet available?

Thanks, slc
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Post by dammonburden »

I think this is being considered. Now, how to program it keep it easy? I am not sure either. I suggested a little star or one more symbol to show when this type of link has been made.
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