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Posted: Sun Apr 22, 2012 12:07 pm
by KeithWilson
I saw the note on the churches twitter page, telling everyone they now have bedtime stories...

Download and listen to this podcast with your kids at bedtime or whenever you want to feel inspired.

But I browsed the compressed audio on for the MP3 files, and they were not updated with the rest of the compressed audio collection found here:,18615,5249-1,00.html

Does this mean I can't get the MP3 file if I don't want to use iTunes? Does this mean the church is moving to an iTunes method exclusively?

I am frustrated with this. Not only did the search come up with zero results when I typed in "mp3" and "compressed audio" but I finally found the page. It seems easy enough to provide an MP3 of all the files released by the church, but to release them exclusively on iTunes automatically eliminates the population who don't want to get them using this method.