Suggestions for new Church Music site

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Suggestions for new Church Music site

Postby nathanhowe » Sun Sep 04, 2011 11:18 pm

I understand that this subforum is specifically about work on the replacement for the current church music viewer/player. As a pretty frequent user of the Church music site, allow me to make a few observations and suggestions on this project. I'm no programmer, but I am a musician, and I can tell you what would influence me to use the site more.

1. The navigation capabilities are pretty clunky. Let's say that I want to find a song - As Sisters in Zion. I click on the Hymns link, click Alphabetical - by Title, then click A. It's not there. I have to click the "Next" button to open the hymn. The player pops up in a new window. It takes some time loading the notes, then I press play. Even on a fairly fast computer, the beat isn't steady, and many of the notes are not held for their proper durations. Then, if I click on the "sisterhood" topic to find more songs on the same theme, it opens another tab in my original window to look at it. That's a lot of clicks and a lot of windows for the job it does. Searching by hymn number is even more convoluted. A simple list of numbers would suffice.

2. It's hard to find the live recordings. Within the player, links to download the mp3 recordings should appear with each hymn or children's song. Currently, they are playable through the player, but finding the downloads is a challenge.

3. How about simple Previous and Next buttons? If I'm on hymn 40, it should take one click to get to hymn 41. Currently, it requires switching windows, clicking on the "Hymns" link, doing a search by hymn number, and clicking several times to get to 41.

4. Why not add "other music" to the dropdown of possible publications? If certain pieces are not yet formatted for the player, the PDFs could be displayed in the window instead of the player format.

More to come. Thanks for all the work you do.
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Postby JamesAnderson » Thu Sep 08, 2011 12:59 pm

Nathan knows of what he speaks about, in fact, he has had several submitted hymns honored in the Church music submission over the last few years.

Finding the mp3s of the music from General Conference is also an issue on the new site as well by the way, had to go to then find the conference to find the music. All versions of a hymn should be reachable from the same location as well as in the case of the Conference music, from the Conference pages. This will become even more important when music comes in from the music recordings submission that was just opened up last month.

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Postby robartsd » Wed Oct 12, 2011 2:41 pm

JamesAnderson wrote:Finding the mp3s of the music from General Conference is also an issue on the new site as well by the way, had to go to then find the conference to find the music.

The new conference archive pages have music incorporated for newer conferences (just click "Show Music"); however, recordings available for some of the older conferences is difficult to find.

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Postby rowleypoly » Wed Mar 14, 2012 8:58 am

Rather than start a completely new thread, I thought I would just bump this one. I did receive a message from the church feedback folks a while ago saying that these suggestions will be implemented in the new music website that is probably under development.

All of Nathan's ideas are ones that I have been thinking of.

Each hymn should be accessible without accessing the music player, too. Perhaps each hymn/song could have the following image/links after it: play in IMP, download mp3, view PDF, view other versions (for conference recordings, etc), etc

And all I should need to do is search "I am a Child of God" and be able to immediately access all of those options without having to go somewhere else or click again.

I'm looking forward to the music website to be updated!

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Postby davidmarmolejo » Sat Sep 15, 2012 10:39 am

Have tons of suggestions !!

!.- Up load the Complete Video of the Directors intructions DVD. you only have little clips of it.
2.-Up load also the practice cards For the keyboard course you guys forgot to upload that .
3.-and A note recongnition game.
4.-is all The music quotes updated??
5.-Some times i have trouble Fiding al the material in zip form on that page maybe make it more
6.-I would like a Vid on the hand position when playing the piano , Its on the manual but i
Vid would be 100000% more clear and easy to understand.
7.-the ability to print the Hymms in a larger format In a way that will use all of the page
for does of us that not have 10000000000% perfect vision lol
8.-make a oficial call out to all muscians to help better that (specially teachers)
IF you guys do that the page will be 3000 time better .. very shure of it...
9- have videos demostrating how to find the Beat in a song always
10.- more instrucctional Material on singing and Directing Choirs P L E A S S E ! preatty preatty please .... . did a mention preatty please? .
more later

11.-A oficial Piano advance piano players Course. and Directions course and sining course .

12. A church oficial Advance player hym versions ( or does this all ready exist?
13.- have instrucctions for other instruments like Violin.

Wow i really want to be a part of Making the lds Music page better..

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Re: Suggestions for new Church Music site

Postby pauldev » Mon Jan 07, 2013 12:44 pm

Somthing that is needed is the ability to replay a song in a loop. Hour after hour, burning the tenor part into your brain.

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Re: Suggestions for new Church Music site

Postby jirp » Sat Mar 02, 2013 7:34 pm

I am going to second the suggestion on larger print. My elderly mother desperately wanted the ability to print it in a larger format. Instead we had to print and then take it to town to have it enlarged. The ideal would be something that printed the single page as 2 landscape orientation pages pages that could either be kept separate or taped together to make one large page.

Another suggestion would be an app that let a person direct and control the pace of the music. Maybe plug the cell phone into the room sound systems and set it so it was filming the person directing so they were actually controlling the pace by directing.

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