Issue with Norton Internet Security & installing PVC

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Issue with Norton Internet Security & installing PVC

Postby ksolsen » Fri Sep 23, 2011 11:03 am

We have a user who encountered a problem installing PVC with Norton Internet Security on. Norton said that the .exe file required to install the PVC client was "unsafe" (it's not, by the way).

Here is the workaround:

[font=Calibri]1. [/font]Make a new folder on the desktop and name it Vidyo
[font=Calibri]2. [/font]Launch Norton and go into the configure >Firewall>Exclusions and select the folder Vidyo, adding it to the exclude list.
[font=Calibri]3. [/font]Re-attempt download of the .exe only this time save it in the folder Vidyo on the desktop.
[font=Calibri]4. [/font]Once downloaded, run the .exe. If prompted by Norton to allow or trust the program select allow or trust this program all the time option.
[font=Calibri]5. [/font]Once Vidyo desktop is installed navigate once again into the configure>firewall>exclusions and select the newly installed Vidyo desktop program to allow it full access.
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