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Postby ksolsen » Tue Sep 27, 2011 4:22 pm

harddrive wrote:After thinking about this, how would we contact a user if they don't have an account in PVC?

I would assume that they would need the software installed to participate in a meeting that I would set up. I know that I would do this by sending them a meeting invite via email, but how would I contact them if they didn't have an account?

Also do they need to have a camera, or could they just get by with a microphone at the least or be in the meeting just listening?

You would contact them via email, which would contain the URL to your own personal PVC meeting room. When they click on it, they are prompted to download the software, then type in just their name as a guest (non-authenticated), then they immediately join your meeting room as a participant. So there's no separate notification process required. Details here.

They wouldn't have to have a camera necessarily, and could join as audio-only participants. However, be aware that using a built-in mic on a laptop is usually not a good idea. They are generally very low quality, and pick up a surprising amount of noise from the laptop itself that you can't hear. Plus, there is always the issue of echo. If you want to add audio-only participants by phone, hereare details on how to do it. That's probably your best bet if someone doesn't have the necessary equipment for their PC.
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