Speaker phone recommendation

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Speaker phone recommendation

Postby harddrive » Fri Oct 21, 2011 8:07 am

My stake president is looking to use the PVC software for training and conferencing in the future. I have the camera and computer that I used for webcasting.

Currently that computer doesn't have set of speakers or a microphone, because we use the chapel podium microphone as the input.

I noticed that there are speaker phones that can be purchased to be used with the PVC software. My question is which one would anyone recommend. I'm looking to probably use it in a high council room/primary/stake presidents office, but not for the chapel during stake conference.

I see that the price is kind of expensive, but I expect that we will need one to make it easy for use. I'm looking for one that a microphone(s) to cover a 360 degree of the room.

So I'm beginning my research and wondering what people would recommend.

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