Sideloaded LDS Tools not syncing anymore

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Re: Sideloaded LDS Tools not syncing anymore

Post by brent.taft »

Yes, we understand that BlackBerry is not the giant it once was, but we also know that we (BlackBerry users) would be content to have a correctly ported Android app with minimal work.
Then at such time when we hopefully get out of this duopoly, the church may consider doing work for other platforms. Or better yet, when there is one code to rule them all that will work on any OS, then we wouldn't have to divide resources for development.

BB10.2 should be out before the year is up. You can install a leaked version of the OS already, but it may not be as stable as some users may desire. With BB10.2 it can run Android 4.2.2 apps.
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Re: Sideloaded LDS Tools not syncing anymore

Post by scottdpreece »

The Church and tithing dollars subsidize BYU over $300MM a year so to think a "project" for some students in Provo, Idaho or Hawaii do build a native APP for BB10 isn't a lot to ask IMHO. Additionally, the target markets for growth in the church and the markets that still utilize BlackBerry are similar: Latin America, India and Africa.

I figure we already got Brigham Young from Canada and WIllford Woodruff from the UK so were done there...
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Re: Sideloaded LDS Tools not syncing anymore

Post by sbradshaw »

I'm at BYU and I don't personally know anyone who has a BlackBerry device, let alone programs for BlackBerry. The big ones are iOS and Android, and it seems most everyone else – the remaining minority – has basic (non-smart) phones. But if apps can be ported to BlackBerry from Android, that seems like the first logical step...
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Re: Sideloaded LDS Tools not syncing anymore

Post by raugust2 »

Who can I speak to about getting this support for BlackBerry 10 OS? It seems that it would take a small amount of effort to take a ported/sideloaded app and just get it working on BlackBerry, and put it up on app world. It doesn't need to be rebuilt completely, does it? I'd even like to volunteer to figure it out if I could find the right person to talk to. I'm using a Z10.
Also, Gospel Library works great, but cannot annotate. Is there something I'm missing?
Thanks in advance!
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