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App Updates

Postby LADowning » Wed Sep 04, 2019 12:23 pm

This is a serious rant!! The technology world today thrives on changes. It keeps programmers and device manufacturers employed. Our church leaders have taught us to be thrifty; "Use it up, wear it out". Instead, we have become a throwaway society. I have 2 perfectly working tablets in my home that no longer can run the church furnished apps, while running everything else perfectly! With my aging eyes, I need a tablet, as the phone screen is too small. While it is wonderful to have new features etc., These updates MUST be made backward compatible. Not everyone who needs these tools can afford to purchase a new phone or new tablet every couple of years!! There are many regions in America where members can barely afford a phone much less a brand new smartphone. And what about the rest of the world that have far fewer financial means than we do. Do you think of them while making updates?? As the church moves into the digital, paperless age, we need to keep in mind that the majority of church members in the world do not have the finances to purchase the latest and greatest tech. to be able to utilize the marvelous resources the church is attempting to provide! Apps don't need to be pretty, just useful! And they need to be easy to use. As a computer user for decades, I know that software can be developed to run on old computers as well as the newest. I find that some of the newer software has so many whistles and bells that makes them much harder to use! For everyday use I don't want or need to have to search through a gazillion icons on the top of a popular writing program just to find the "save-as" command! It may be new but over-complicating it does not make i improved! KEEP IT SIMPLE. I have previously ranted about the calendar app which was reasonably ok in the past but was changed to look pretty, but became nearly totally useless in printed form, relying on color codes, etc. The gray lines are practically invisible when printed in black and white. We shouldn't have to have expensive color printers in our ward offices to be able to print out a working calendar for members of the ward council to use and take notes on.

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Re: App Updates

Postby jeremynwest » Sun May 03, 2020 3:13 pm

Hello! I’m no expert, but I know that many of the features on the Gospel Library app are probably not going to always be able to work everywhere. Also, a lot of the features might actually make the newest devices be able to use them. For example, the app developers will have to improve the app to make it compatible for the newest devices. So to speak, it’s not really the developers that are to blame, it’s the quick progression in technology, and the Church developers have no fault in that.
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