Calling not listed when trying to add viewers/editors "By Calling"

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Re: Calling not listed when trying to add viewers/editors "B

Postby drepouille » Thu Feb 01, 2018 9:17 am

simataas wrote:I'm having the same issue at the Ward level. The "Scheduler--Building 1" 2, 3, etc. won't show up in the Viewers/Editors by calling list for any Ward Calendar even though they are standard callings in the Facilities group per Leader & Clerk Resources on How is it possible that a Building Scheduler ("Scheduler--Building") wouldn't have Calendar roles? Obviously, adding editors by calling is preferential to adding people by name. How do we add or make callings available to the Viewers/Editors list :?: And if it can't be done at the Stake or Ward level, to whom do we formally make this request? Thanks!

See the Help Center article "Setting Up Locations, Designating Units and Building Schedulers" here:

As stated, the Building Scheduler calling has nothing to do with the Building Scheduler assignment in the Calendar system. Building Schedulers are assigned in the Calendar system by a stake administrator, such as someone in the stake presidency, including clerk and executive secretary.

5. In the Building Schedulers section, click Add Scheduler.
6. Select the Unit Name and begin typing the last name of the Building Scheduler. Select the Building Scheduler's name and then click Add to save. You can add multiple Building Schedulers. If you end up with several Building Schedulers in the list (perhaps including a stake leader), select the Primary Building Scheduler to be listed first by clicking on the name. This will position their name first in the contact list that Users will see.
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Re: Calling not listed when trying to add viewers/editors "B

Postby simataas » Thu Feb 01, 2018 9:23 am

lajackson wrote:The Building Schedulers in our area are the ones who arrange for members to clean the meetinghouse each week. They have nothing at all to do with the calendar system.

Fair enough - we use the Building Representative for that function (and that calling can be selected to provide Calendar roles). Given the vast array of callings that CAN be selected as a Viewer/Editor (many of which also have nothing to do with the calendar system per se), I'm still surprised that the "Scheduler--Building X" callings are not also listed. :?

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