Purpose of new location calendars?

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Purpose of new location calendars?

Postby chris.m.cook » Sun Feb 01, 2015 7:41 am

It had been quite a while since I added an an event to a calendar. I'm the executive secretary for my stake, but we have another person called to specifically help out with all the building coordination for the stake center.

He was unavailable for a little while so I had to step back in for a bit. I was adding a few general stake events to the calendar and everything looked fine, but I later found out that people weren't able to see the events on their mobile devices via the LDS Tools app. I went back to the events and discovered that there were "new" calendars of the locations themselves. Coincidentally the name of the calendar we use to schedule events at the stake center is very similar to the actual name of the building. I had overlooked this slight difference and scheduled to the a wrong calendar.

What is the purpose of these new "location calendars" if they are only visible from the web app? Is this the intended long term function? I searched for info specifically about what I'm experiencing on the forum, but couldn't put together the correct combination of search terms to single out what I'm looking for. The dev team obviously went through a bunch of work to enable this feature; I just can't figure out what it's for.

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Re: Purpose of new location calendars?

Postby russellhltn » Sun Feb 01, 2015 12:03 pm

chris.m.cook wrote:What is the purpose of these new "location calendars" if they are only visible from the web app?

First off, there's always been a location calendar for recording Restrictions. What's different is that now they are better integrated.

But one can also schedule events on the building calendar. I'm not entirely sure the usage case myself. From the notes, it's to allow a Building Scheduler to schedule an event without having to have edit access to any calendars. In many stakes there were problems when Building Schedulers were called but not given calendar access and all they had to work with was Restrictions.

I suppose one could use it as a Private Events calendar for things like weddings, family parties and other non-church events.
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