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Re: How to only sync some of the ward/stake calendars?

Posted: Fri Mar 15, 2019 5:39 pm
by russellhltn
richinssm wrote:My calendar suddenly started showing all the calendars this week after years of working fine. I reworked the sliders as mentionedabove, and the problem still did not resolve.

The subscriptions are still sliders (not "eyeballs"). So that part is still the same in the new calendar.

There used to be a 9 minute "throttle" on the URL. Any sync within 9 minutes of the last sync (from any device) would fail. Creating a new URL will not reset the timer. I haven't heard if the throttle is still in effect with Calendar 3.0, but I suspect it is - and that may be what you're running into.

Something you may want to consider is a new feature in 3.0 - the "Custom Synced Calendar Groups". That allows you to control what is synced separately from what you have displayed. I'm unsure how the throttle works with the custom sync. I'd have to assume worst case that it's 9 minutes since any sync on your account, regardless of the URL or group being synced.