use new calandar app for tithing settlement appointments?

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use new calandar app for tithing settlement appointments?

Postby kisaac » Fri Sep 10, 2010 1:30 pm

In light of the calendar app, I've been asked to recommend an "online option" to our bishopric for the bishopric to track tithing settlement appointments for the coming 2010 tithing settlement. They aren't thinking a member would access it online and schedule their own appointments, but rather use it internally to share between various clerks and secretaries who could update it as appointments are scheduled or changed or "no-shows" are re-scheduled. Has anyone else considered the feasibility of the new calendar app compared to other options?

Requirements: 1) must be confidential 2) must be available to several users for updating 3) must print a readable and detailed "hard copy" as we have no internet connection in the clerks or bishop's office. 4) must accept 10 min and longer appointments calendar app meets 1,2 and 4, but fails on #3, because it has no print option for a "day view" or "agenda view", and if we cannot print a good listing of all our short appointments, we cannot use it.

Google calendar meets 2, 3, and I think 4. I'm not convinced of it's confidentiality (#1) yet. It does have a "day" or "agenda" view that would work for printing a "hard" copy.

Link Calendar app to google? I haven't tried it specifically for tithing appointments, but I have linked the lds app to my google, but it links all calendars and their events that you are subscribed to- it really isn't a satisfactory option until we gain some control over what calendars it links.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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