New Church Calendar Bug

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New Church Calendar Bug

Postby techgy » Thu Oct 14, 2010 6:54 am

I've reported this via the Feedback link, but I thought that I'd mention it here as well.

The new church calendar has a bug that I discovered just this morning.
I had previously entered some events into the calendar that were a couple of months away and no time period was specified so I had entered them as an "All Day" event.

On one event I had been provided with a time period so I was attempting to edit the event and specify a starting/ending time. When I unchecked the box that specifies the event as an "All Day" event, I was unable to specify a time period as those fields never appeared.

The only way I could specify a time period was to leave the "All Day" event unchecked then save it. Then re-edit the event at which time I was able to then specify a starting/ending time for the event.
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