Repeating Daily Events

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Repeating Daily Events

Postby aebrown » Sat Dec 11, 2010 6:37 am

I've heard of some confusion regarding daily repeating events on the new calendar. I think some of it comes from people who used the LUWS calendar, where the "End Date" field served two purposes: the end date for a multi-day single event, and the end date for a repeating event. On the new calendar, there are separate fields for these two purposes.

On the new calendar, as you are creating/editing an event, you will see a date labeled "Start" and a date labeled "End". For most events, the end date will be the same as the start date. But for a single multi-day event (such as a Youth Conference or Scout Camp), the end date will be later. When a multi-day event is displayed on the calendar, the days after the first day will say "(cont.)" right before the event name to show that it is a continuation of a multi-day event.

On the other hand, you may have an event that repeats at some sort of regular interval. When you are creating/editing an event, you would click the "Repeats" check box. Then the dialog box expands to show a new set of controls at the right with selectors for Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Yearly and controls for entering appropriate values below those selectors. That's where you enter all information regarding repeating events.

Note in particular that there is a button on the right labeled "End Date"; that is where you specify that an event repeats only until the specified date (if you don't specify an end date, then you'll see "End: Never" displayed). This is entirely different from the date labeled "End" over on the left, that I described above.

If you choose Daily for the repeat type, you are given an option to specify that it recurs every x days. Values other than 1 seem to be of limited usefulness, since weeks have 7 days (a prime number, so repeating events would fall in different days in each week), but I suppose there could be a use for that.

The Daily repeat type does have an option for "Weekdays". This makes it easy to have an event that happens only on weekdays. Of course, you can also make an event a Weekly repeat, and check the five boxes for Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri. If you happen to have an event that is Mon/Wed/Fri one week then Tue/Thu in the next, then Weekdays with an interval of 2 days would be a perfect option for you.

When the recurrence interval is one day, I believe you can schedule every option available for a Daily repeating event by using the Weekly option, but Daily might seem more straightforward.
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Repeating Event

Postby martybdye-p40 » Wed Dec 15, 2010 6:43 am

I don't see a repeating event check box when creating a new event. Anyone else have that problem?

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