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Postby aebrown » Tue Mar 22, 2011 7:59 am

pghassing wrote:This will be my last post - the process doesn't work correctly. I appreciate your trying to help but the process doesn't work right. We shouldn't have to re educate people on how to print the calendar - as I said in previous post - when you push print - it should print, not generate a pdf that you have to print pushing another button.

I was certainly not suggesting that anyone should reeducate people on how to print the calendar; I was simply trying to understand what you were saying. Not until your last post has it become clear what you were suggesting was the problem -- whether you were seeing a bug or a usability problem. If I were a developer working on the Calendar project (I'm not), I would appreciate your feedback, but it would only be helpful if I actually understood exactly what was causing problems.

If you want your suggestion to go to someone who can make a difference, you should use the Submit Feedback link on to let the development team know about the usability problem you are seeing.

pghassing wrote:Also the month issue should be fixed. Even thought I live in Pacific time zone I don't need the extra page. when I ask for April I should get April, not March and April.

I'm sure everyone agrees with this. I know the problem has been reported at least once, but it would probably be helpful for you to report the problem yourself using the Submit Feedback mechanism.
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