Sometimes repetitive calendar items hang when saving

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Sometimes repetitive calendar items hang when saving

Postby tuckettt » Wed Nov 02, 2011 7:47 am

I have tried several times to save an event that repeats the first Sunday of each week. Each time I try to save it I get that gear looking thing indicating it is doing something, but it never comes back and the schedule is never saved. This is happening very frequently.
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Postby snormann » Wed Nov 02, 2011 10:00 am

I was experiencing the same thing until I discovered by repeatedly cutting back on the last date of the series that there was an event (a ward conference) that was scheduled for the same resource (weekly view shows this nicely). I believe the bug is that the app didn't report an error as it should showing the resource conflict; it just hangs instead.

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Postby tuckettt » Wed Nov 02, 2011 12:15 pm

Thanks, snormann. I will check that out.

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Postby michaelfish » Wed Nov 02, 2011 8:23 pm

I've been having the same problem with many, many events. Several others have tried also with the same results. We've tried everything we can think of. Used different PCs, browsers, tried editing different events, etc. Whether creating a new event or editing an existing one, quick add New Event or Add Event Detail & Location, single event or repeating, entire location or with room reservations, NO location or even just bringing an event up, making NO changes and click Update Event - as long as there is another event in the same time, I have the problem...the hanging circular display. After several minutes we can press ESC and the editing screen re-appears.

The only work-around I've found is to create the event on Monday (no other events), save it and then drag it to the correct time.

What's wrong?

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