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Location duplication and need to daily re-established as available for scheduling

Posted: Sat Nov 05, 2011 11:05 am
by davidrichey
I have one location that is a stake center shared by 3 units. This particular location has 3 issues 1) each day a duplicate entry for this location has appeared, 2) each new day I cannot find the location listed on the location area on the sidebar on the calendar (after I use my administrator rights to re-check the box each day "This location can be scheduled by wards and stakes", then it will appear in the location listing on the sidebar of the calendar), 3)when I post an event on the calendar and choose this location for the building checking the box "Schedule entire location", the location is not reserved. (my work around when I need to reserve the entire building is to click on all of the rooms at the stake center).

Posted: Sun Nov 06, 2011 7:42 am
by davidrichey
Issue #1 did not occur today. Issues #2 & #3 are still valid