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Creating a DVD of the new ward calendar tutorials

Posted: Sun Nov 13, 2011 4:33 am
by johncpratt1
Would you like to convert the new ward calendar tutorial videos to a DVD to show to a ward council?

Here is one way:

1) Find the direct youtube URL for the video
a) right click on the video and select "copy video URL". (Introduction) (Creating a Calendar)

Note: To send a direct link via email, I don't recommend the above links. Instead, use the links from such as
This will prevent the advertising of additional links to the often-offensive material offered from youtube.

2) Use a browser addon to download video, such as Video DownloadHelper.

3) If you plan to use "Windows DVD Maker", I recommend using the download option for "480 FLV" video format and then converting it to ASF format. (Windows DVD Maker doesn't accept FLV or MP4 format.)

If you need a free video-conversion program, you may want to consider "SUPER" at which is the best I have found. The link to download it as at the bottom of that page (and perhaps subsequent pages). I think it has a hard time converting 1080 MP4 videos, so I recommend converting from FLV format instead.

3a) If you don't already have "Windows DVD Maker", there are free DVD programs at For example, I took a look at Free DVD Maker and found that it can work with higher-quality 1080 MP4 format, but there is a brief message preceeding the video that essentially advertises "made with our free version".