directory 2.0: what does opt out mean?

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Postby jdcr256 » Thu Mar 15, 2012 8:51 am

To be clear, the visibility of an email address and the use of an email address are supposed to be treated as two separate things. Visibility (whether another member can see the email address) is controlled by the privacy settings. The use (whether an application can send an email to a member) should be controlled by a setting in that application. It is possible for applications to send emails without ever exposing those email addresses to other members.

It is possible that some existing apps (like the Send a Message feature for leaders) are not using the privacy settings correctly if they are older apps that pre-date the newer privacy settings. Those apps will be re-done to correctly implement the settings.

As I stated earlier, the directory app does not send messages, it only makes the email address available. For this reason, marking an address private will remove it from the email lists that are provided at the top of the various directory lists.

We will work on cleaning up the documentation around this issue to make it clearer how this is being used.

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Postby kisaac » Thu Mar 15, 2012 9:42 am

jdcr256 wrote: The use (whether an application can send an email to a member) should be controlled by a setting in that application.

We will work on cleaning up the documentation around this issue to make it clearer how this is being used.

I would love this to be the case, that each app has it's own options for emailing and privacy. I really wish there was an "emergency option" for leadership that would override any privacy settings.

But for now, it's really confusing to people. For example, here is a true story I quoted from another post on this same topic. It shows the confusion that exists because "visibility" choices in the directory EFFECT "use" in other apps. I've heard before this isn't supposed to be how it works, but IT IS HOW IT HAS WORKED.

A ward member enters his email, but in the directory he makes sure there is no check in the box: "Show in Ward Directory:" He doesn't want his email in the ward directory, for whatever reason, right?

However, he also DOES NOT get the following emails:

  • He didn't get the event reminder email, sent from the calendar system, that the calendar editor had modified the ward party scheduled for that night, after a huge windstorm, stating it would be held as planned, encouraging him and all neighbors to come to the church and warm themselves and have a hot meal after working all day long.
  • He didn't get the email that Sunday from the stake president, sent to all stake members from the "leader" tools, telling him that all church services except sacrament would be cancelled that day, and he should work with his ward leaders and the community to prepare and help others before another storm.
Even now, in directory v2, with several paragraphs now explaining choices, I'm not sure those "not really into computers" will understand the total effect of OPTING OUT, and I go back to my comment earlier: Why would a member enter an email if they didn't expect, or want, emails for some occasions?

For example, people have told me "it said my leaders can still have my email address if I made it private, but I'm not getting the ward emails from my leaders." That's because a leader can see those emails/phones if they look up that member individually, it's true. But that is far to tedious and time consuming for a leader who is trying to contact his whole ward, especially in an emergency. It just won't happen.

Until the emailing is further perfected, I tell people it's basically all or nothing. If you want emails, enter it and don't make them private. If you don't want emails, take it out of the system all together.

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Postby jbh001 » Thu Mar 15, 2012 9:48 am

johnsonth wrote:* If your profile is private, you will not appear in calendar lists, so no one will be able to add you as a calendar editor or administrator.
* If your profile is set to Ward, you will not appear in lists for stake calendars, so no one will be able to add you as a stake calendar editor or administrator.
Is this still true if access to calendar administration is calling-based instead of individual-based? For example, if John Doe is the Young Mens President but has set his information to private in the directory, I will not be able to see John Doe to add him as a calendar administrator. But can I add the Young Mens President as a calendar administrator thus still granting John Doe access by virtue of his calling, even though I can't see him?

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