Patriarch view of Directory

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Patriarch view of Directory


Post by halncene »

It would be helpful to me, as Patriarch, to see the makeup of families in the entire Stake, rather than just in my own ward. Many of my blessings are to youth and to see their brothers and sisters would be very helpful in my preparations.
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Re: Patriarch view of Directory


Post by jdlessley »

A request such as this is best handled by counseling with your stake president who can then pass it up the Priesthood chain to request access permission to allow this. The most likely place this type of access would be in Leaders Resources.
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Re: Patriarch view of Directory


Post by jonesrk »

I could see this access being added to directory, since some leaders already have the rights to view youth across the stake, it would just mean adding Patriarch to the list. That being said jdlessley has the best way to request this kind of change. I would also recommend submitting feedback on for this change to directory.
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Re: Patriarch view of Directory


Post by mevans »

And while you're waiting for the change to the web site (turnaround on these type of requests doesn't seem to be fast...if the request is approved by the Priesthood department), the stake president can approve that the stake clerk provide you with a PDF or hard copy of the information you need. Be sure to counsel with the stake president about the information you need about the families. For example, do you just need the names or do you also need ages? Age information is typically more restricted.
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Re: Patriarch view of Directory


Post by russellhltn »

mevans wrote:turnaround on these type of requests doesn't seem to be fast...
Indeed. You'll be lucky if it's only a month or two.
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Re: Patriarch view of Directory


Post by sj3vans »

Our Stake Patriarch also asked me today if he could have access to see youth and ages across the Stake. Since he has seen that the Stake Presidency has that info on their LDSTools apps, he too desires it.
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