Unlisted number-private number on new directory

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Unlisted number-private number on new directory

Postby kisaac » Tue Aug 17, 2010 1:55 pm

What strategy have others used when they explain the new directory and the contact numbers to ward members regarding personal and family contact numbers. I know, we asked for multiple numbers on records for years!

For example, some have requested an "unlisted" or "emergency" option for their cell phones. In other words, they would like their cell phone to be available for ward leaders, but not show on any distribution lists, I.E. Visiting Teaching Supervisors list.

As it is now, if you enter a personal contact number, you only have one choice - select the 'don't show in ward directory' option. And that is all it affects, the directory display. Some of my members thought this would hide their number, and it would not show on ANY phone list. Until their elders president handed the list to the service committee...

What are your suggestions about talking to members about what numbers they should place where? Are you entering youths cell numbers?

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