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Is there any way to turn off bounce-backs in the messaging? As a stake clerk, I do not want dozens of emails bouncing back when I send a message with stake-wide distribution. I can see where this would be valuable for ward clerks to help them keep information up to date in their ward directory, but not at the stake level. Perhaps an option could be added?


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Re: Messaging...

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There's currently no way to turn off those notifications.

I am also a stake clerk, and I welcome the bounce notifications. Yes, it's a pain, but it provides an opportunity to send a lot of corrections to the ward clerks all at once. Although I agree that the ward clerks really should be keeping all the email addresses up to date, they might not be sending out broadcast emails, so they might not get this valuable feedback. When I get those bounce notifications, I separate them out by ward and pass them on to the appropriate ward clerk.
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