recording stake callings (or what *is* a stake calling)

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recording stake callings (or what *is* a stake calling)

Postby sasgrw » Mon Apr 04, 2016 4:52 am

The help for LCR says "Stake callings for members may only be updated by stake leadership".

Is there a good definition for what a stake calling is? I couldn't find one in the help. For example, a high priest group leader or elders quorum president is a stake calling, sort of. The call is extended by the stake and they're set apart by the stake, but the actual recording of the calling must be done by the ward clerk, not the stake clerk.

My personal definition for when I (ward clerk) have to record a stake calling in the ward LCR is if the person will be serving *in* the ward even if they were called by the stake. So for example, the HPGL and EQP are called by the stake but they serve in the ward so I record the calling at the ward level. A stake YW president or stake public affairs director does *not* serve in the ward so I *don't* record their callings (assuming those individuals were called from our ward). The stake clerk has to record their callings.

The only exception to my personal definition is for the calling of bishop. He's called by the stake and serves in the ward but the stake clerk has to record it. Bishopric counselors, on the other hand, are called by the stake but their callings are recorded by the ward clerk.

This definition of "stake calling" has served me well but I couldn't find anything official in that regards.

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Re: recording stake callings (or what *is* a stake calling)

Postby lajackson » Mon Apr 04, 2016 7:20 am

I think you have a good handle on it. Some ward callings require stake approval and a member of the stake presidency or a high councilor to call the individual. As you said, those are all recorded by the ward. We sometimes call them stake callings, but they are really ward callings that require stake approval.

A true stake calling is a calling where the member serves the entire stake, not just one ward or branch.

The best way to know who records the calling in LCR is to follow the Chart of Callings in Handbook 2, chapter 19. If the calling is in the stake section, it is recorded by the stake, If it is in the ward section, it is recorded by the ward.

The exception, as you have already noted correctly, is that the bishop is recorded by the stake.

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