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Demo LCR Account

Postby jacobstimpson » Sun May 31, 2020 1:35 pm

I have been thinking about creating some practical YouTube videos to share with members of my Stake and family to show them how to use the Mobile Apps and LCR Website efficiently (and maybe how they are intend to be used) but because I have a reasonable expectation that these videos or screen shots or whatever would be shared I would love to use a Demo account with fake data so that I don't have to blur things out.

Also... If really great training material exists already please point me at it, as I have not found anything that gives vision and use case examples and stays up to date.

oh ya... and is understandable for the Deacons Quorum President (who holds keys) and the Stake Relief Society President who uses a flip phone still.

1. YouTube Video
2. Leadership Fireside
3. Showing my family members why they are not using the apps correctly (because I am younger and so it is always a competition)
4. Posting a blog post
5. Sharing via Zoom (cause Covid is annoying)

I live in Salt Lake so if I need to make a trip to the ROB, COB, JSMB or NOB for a discussion I would make myself available.

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