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Re: Access Privileges for Newly Called Ward Leaders

Posted: Wed Dec 09, 2020 10:26 am
by scgallafent
monisawa wrote:On a slightly separate topic....

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monisawa wrote:Who creates the Organization level hierarchy and how to you add/remove/update?
For example my wards Activity days is broken into 3 Filtered names with varying results (as indicated):
    -Primary Activities - Boys (in LCR I CANNOT change filter name and members tab pulls in all boys 8-11)
    -Activity Days 10/11 (in CLR I CAN Change filter name and members tab pulls in all girls 8-11)
    -Activity Days 8/9 (in LCR I CAN change filter name and members tab pull in NOONE)

The organization name (Activity Days 10/11 and Activity Days 8/9) does not determine who is pulled into the organization.

What has happened is that someone split the girls Activity Days organization in two. One of them is the "primary" organization and members will be put there by default. You have to manually move them to the other organization if you want them there. They will NOT be automatically moved by age based on the organization name.

Because there are two organizations, you can change the names. You can't do that with the boys Activity Days because there is only one organization.