Create Zones on Ward Map

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Create Zones on Ward Map

Postby travisroth » Sun Feb 21, 2021 7:33 pm

We're getting organized around our emergency preparedness. I've been assigned as a Zone Leader and so will be assigning block captins. I would like to be able to create areas on the ward map that I can assign these block captains to. So be able to draw these on the ward map. Is there a way to do that with the Ward map so when people move in and out it will automatically show people in each area?

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Re: Create Zones on Ward Map

Postby russellhltn » Sun Feb 21, 2021 8:01 pm

I'm not aware of any such feature.
Have you searched the Help Center? Try doing a Google search and adding "" to the search criteria.

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Re: Create Zones on Ward Map

Postby dlpyro1957 » Tue Mar 30, 2021 2:34 pm

There is a way if you are a clerk that you can get a copy of the GPS file for a map of your ward and Stake from CDOL and then upload that to google maps or other program MLS still has a field for GEO codes that you can use for EP, I also made a XL program that i brings in a report from MLS and it updates my reports with move in and move out.
IF you want to let me know

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