Duplicate households listed on LDS tools 2.0 (Member w/Non member spouse)

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Duplicate households listed on LDS tools 2.0 (Member w/Non member spouse)

Post by ckellsworth »

I have been playing with the new 2.0 LDS tools and noticed at random some households would be listed twice.

After tracking each household that was duplicated I found that those households had a nonmember spouse. Not sure what other info i can tell you about our wards Data that would help pinpoint what is causing this.

I would be happy to provide Ward # via PM to one of the Developers if that will help.
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Post by rayparkelm »

I'm seeing the exact same issue. Any word on a fix?
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Post by kirtkennedy »

I'm seeing the same thing. I wasn't smart enough to see that this only occurs with a nonmember spouse. I think it has something to do with the addition of the membership record number in release 2.0. If your a nonmember you, obviously, won't have a membership record number.
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Post by lajackson »

I have three of almost every household in the Directory, and it does not seem to have anything to do with whether or not the spouse is a member. I just checked a half-dozen members with member spouses and they are duplicated in the Directory. I have precious few households in the Directory that are there only one time.
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Post by kennova »

Our bishopric is seeing this same issue. Many are duplicated.
Kenn North
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