Generic or Cross-street only Search doesn't work

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Generic or Cross-street only Search doesn't work

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In my position (LDS Family Services Admin), I frequently search the map by cross-streets, not individual addresses. I use this functionality to identify a ward for someone calling the office who is either new to the area, or transient, and who does not know or want to share a specific address with me. I do this fairly regularly, probably twice a month at least.

This did not work properly in the beta version. For example: I typed "83rd Avenue and McDowell Rd, Phoenix, Arizona"
In the beta maps, this returned no results, even when using Advanced Search.
In the older version, it returned a ward near that area, Tollleson Ward (which was correct, by the way).
I am using Windows7, IE8, beta build version 3.1.1184

I tried this while logged out and also while logged in, both returned the same response.

I am not sure if this matters, but it is something that I do regularly (probably some other LDSFS Admins do as well), so it seems like it would be important to have it work. :)
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