Can't See Admin Link/Stake Error

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Can't See Admin Link/Stake Error

Post by superdave98 »


I'm a Stake Executive Secretary and when I go to the newsletter page, my Ward comes up, but I don't see the admin link there. Maybe I'm just being slow today. :-) Perhaps I'm not supposed to see it, but I was was an administrator on the classic site. Also, when I click on the Stake tab at the top, I get the message "An error has occurred. Please try your request again or return to the homepage."

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Post by cognifloyd »

I'm a Stake Assistant Clerk. I don't have rights to edit or admin my Ward's stuff, but when I click on "STAKE" I get an admin link on the right and a "+ New Article" link near the header.

Try going into Stake to see if you have access there.
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Post by SorensonMi »

If you have a stake calling, you will only see the admin link on the stake view. I will send you a private message to troubleshoot the error you are seeing.

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