Feature: Gallery of Photos

The Newsletter application will eventually appear alongside Calendar, Directory, and Maps
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Feature: Gallery of Photos

Post by cognifloyd »

OK. So, I was called a month or so ago as Stake Website Administrator / Assistant Stake Clerk. My major focus is training the wards to use online tools like the Calendar, Directory, and now the Newsletter.

Please make it easier to create a gallery stile article. We will have many photos from events that need to be uploaded, and viewing only one photo per line will feel awkward. It will also take quite a while to upload the photos... One... by... One...

When I was called, one of the things the Stake Presidency wanted was a way to post photos from events. I haven't gotten around to putting them in the classic site's news and information, as I've been working on other more pressing things like updating the calendar and dealing with Bishopric login issues. So, now with the new Newsletter tool, I'm going to explain to my Stake leaders how futile it is to upload those photos to the classic site. Therefore, we'll be uploading a lot of images in Newsletter articles, and I hope that future versions will make it more convenient to do so.
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Post by aaronengineer »

Just a thought as to how to do it based on current limitations. You could create a document in something like Word, Publisher or PowerPoint and then save that as a PDF. This would enable captioning and other editing of text and pictures and keeping the formatting exactly the way you want it.
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Post by jeffevannelson »

I can tell you this is a future idea we are considering doing. I am not sure when it will be completed but We will see :)
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