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Re: Family History Stuff

Postby Bizegrama » Mon Dec 17, 2012 8:27 am

JohnShaw, thanks for being so considerate of the other people involved in your calling. Good communication makes life easier for us all.

Today I am sending an e-mail with the attachment I got from FamilySearch (FS) regarding our FHC layout & equipment. They are maybe sending a new printer or ? And suggest setting up a network in the FHC. I did have the FHC computers networked at one time, but not recently. We'll see how this all goes with our terrible internet service! That's the primary need we have at our Branch/FHC/Clerk - faster, workable internet.

I have tried to keep STS, FMG, etc in loop as much as I possibly can. A few years back, I provided a form for STS to request the FS image software dvd, and a dvd for repairs of microfilm readers for FMG. These were all items were needed by the respective callings/organizations .

I was very impressed when FS had some cascaded monitors, and FHC's were asked if any needed one. I send my request in and within a week we had a larger monitor (old one was 15"). In that case the monitor was shipped directly to my home address, so I had it up & running almost immediately at the FHC.

I have asked FS to notify me of any shipment, since it now goes to FMG. I would like to make sure it doesn't get lost in the system some where. When FS said were shipping the Imaging Unit (computer, Canon MS 300, monitor) in 2004. I kept waiting, and waiting. Finally called & found out they had forgot to put the order through the system.

I know that FamilySearch now has a manager, so slowly I think communication will improve as that is one of their goals.

We'll all keep trying to improve the system.

Thanks everyone.

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