New visibility controls are going to confuse people

Beta testing of the Local Unit Directory Application
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New visibility controls are going to confuse people


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In the old directory, visibility was prefaced by "Visible to". That was a valuable clue for people to know what this is.

In the redesigned directory, there is just a drop-down for each element with the visibility choices, but no label to tell anyone what they're selecting.

The only clue someone is going to have is that the first one is called "Household Visibility". Maybe they'll figure it out, maybe they won't. Considering that the visibility concept is not well known in the directory to begin with, I'm pretty sure a lot of people will be confused about what this means.

You need to get something else there. Prefacing the control with Visible to in front of each will probably ruin the visual alignment with other controls.

Another possibility is to change the drop-down contents to selections which include the word visibility, for example, what if users had these choices:
  • Visible to Stake
  • Visible to Ward
  • Private: Visible to Leaders Only
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