Setting Date for Older Content?

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Setting Date for Older Content?

Postby pjludlow » Sun Jul 20, 2014 2:17 pm

In the past our ward hasn't made much use of the tools on, but we are now trying to change that. We plan on using the online Newsletter now, but I would also like to add all the previous Bishopric messages we have sent out in the past (using PDFs/printed copies) into the online Newsletter. Unfortunately it seems that the date will show as the date added for these messages, so two years worth of Bishopric Messages will show up for July 2014. While this would only be a one time occurrence, it does seem that a feature to be able to change the added date would be very useful so that an article from October 2013 would actually show up in the correct month online.

As I see it now, I am not able to do this currently, so I will have to plan my upload order for everything starting with the oldest content first (and set the featured articles to the current month). If there is a different way to approach this any help would be appreciated.


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Re: Setting Date for Older Content?

Postby jdlessley » Sun Jul 20, 2014 6:27 pm

An approach I have used for information that is for a specific date is to include that date in the article title. Or in the case of one article that functions as an archive for information I include the date in the name of the attachment.
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