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Re: Newsletter Down


Post by jdlessley »

I can access Newsletter tonight, but the Admin function results in the error message in English.
JD Lessley
Have you tried finding your answer on the Help Center?
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Re: Newsletter Down


Post by vellinga »

Just looking through the forums and decided to add our issue as well. We had the Portuguese language issue but it has been resolved. However we are going on 3 weeks of not being able to access the administration portion of the newsletter. Has anyone heard an update on the fix for this?
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Re: Newsletter Down


Post by barkeraj »

Let me give some blunt history and status on this. Probably not my place to do this, but oh well.

Newsletter is an application that was thrown together very quickly when they killed the old "Stake and Ward Websites" a few years back. There was discussion of additional phases to make it better at that time, but they never came to pass. In fact, besides one issue we had probably a year, year and a half ago, we have never even touched the code. Even for this issue (the actual being down, not all the other issues mentioned) it took us an hour or so to even FIND the code.

We can't work on things unless there is priority set from above us, or if there is a catastrophic error (as in this case). Unfortunately this section of the site has never even been a blip on the radar. I don't know what to tell you to do to get it to be a priority other than what you are already doing of mentioning it here in the forums and submitting feedback.

I'm hoping I can get some attention to the language issue. This code being so foreign to us is one of the main issues there. Just spinning up to understand what is going on in this application will take a decent amount of time.

For the photo upload issue, the blunt answer is to not use IE for now as other browsers appear to work (as reported above). With there being a relatively simple work around, I can't see this getting any love for quite a while.

Don't shoot the messenger, just calling them as I see them. Hopefully the blunt truth is appreciated (and no one above me is looking for the "Fire Aaron" button). Will see what I can do on the language thing.
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Re: Newsletter Down


Post by techgy »

Thanks for the information.
I called the GSC the other day and inquired. I was told to use the FEEDBACK utility to report the problem, which I've done. The biggest problem is the inability to get into the ADMIN. I've had intermittent issues with the language being wrong, but they seem to have disappeared for now.

Hopefully, someone will find the error and correct it.
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Re: Newsletter Down


Post by wrigjef »

I did some checking of other posts and the issues I'm facing have already benn discussed but I'd like to add my voice here then I will submit feedback on the site. Yesterday I had the foreign language problem for most of the day on different computers and tablets with different browsers. I got around that by changing the end of the url to eng

I have the same problem of not being able to get into the Admin functions. Get "An error has occurred. Please try your request again or return to the homepage."
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Re: Newsletter Down


Post by ThomsonMA »

I'm seeing the same basic problem on our Stake Newsletter site, but I don't get the language issue or inability to access the admin page. I don't get that far. When I select "Newsletter" from the tools menu I get a brief "Loading..." message and then a screen that reads "An error has occurred. Please try your request again or return to the homepage."

I've tried multiple browsers (IE, Chrome, Safari) on multiple machines (Windows, Mac), and have cleared the browsing history and cookies, and nothing changes. All I get is that same error message.

How can I get our Newsletter back?

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